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Lucky Lizard Studios is a company dedicated to enhancing wellness and saving lives of humans and animals by spreading the magical, true story of the Lucky Lizard



(Brief version)


In 1999 on a children's hematology/oncology unit in a Syracuse, NY hospital, a 14 year old boy  was having a "very bad day." One of his favorite caretakers, "CJ," entered his room with more optimism and energy than he desired her to have. She told him that the beaded creature hanging on her ID tag was bound to bring him good luck. He was not in the mood for her happiness and positivity and asked her to leave. As she left his room, she was rubbing her, "LUCKY LIZARD, and advised the boy she would return in 2 hours to assist him out of bed. "Everything will be fine," CJ told him. "This LUCKY LIZARD will make it so."


Despite his disbelief, he was helped out of bed a while later, and that same bundle of energy was standing by, rubbing the LUCKY LIZARD between her fingers. As the boy returned to his bed, he sat down very gingerly. After a big sigh of relief since, much to his surprise, everything was perfect, he pointed to CJ's LUCKY LIZARD, and said, "Give me one of those!"


Before you knew it, LUCKY LIZARDS were all over that hospital. It transformed the atmosphere of the unit and symbolized the strength of these special patients and their families as well as the special nurses, doctors, and paramedics like "CJ" who worked there.


Since 1999, LUCKY LIZARDS have been used to raise the spirits of people all over the world. They have also helped raise more than $10,000 for a number of charities including but not limited to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The American Red Cross, and The Turn The Corner Foundation.


Presently, Caryn "CJ" Jaffe, has created a massive inventory of LUCKY LIZARDS as well as LUCKY LIZARD jewlery - ALL HANDMADE. ALL ONE OF A KIND! - with the goal of spreading the magic of the Legend of the Lucky Lizard all over the world. Some of them will be posted here. Others are already posted and available for sale here and on etsy.com. Visit this site - Http://etsy.com/shop/LuckyLizardStudios and adopt your very own LUCKY LIZARD right now.


The mission of LUCKY LIZARD STUDIOS is bring LUCKY LIZARDs to people who need a smile. On December 27, 2014, 5 different hospitals in the Maryalnd and District of Columbia area became recipients of LUCKY LIZARDS for their patients. These hospitals included: Lifebridge's Sinai Hospital for Children, DC Children's Hospitals, The Johns Hopkins Children's Hospital, University of Maryland Hospital for Children, and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Earlier in December 2014,  The children at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital in New York City also became the recipeients of LUCKY LIZARDS for their patients, families, and staff members.


All money raised throughout the year in 2014 and from now on will be used to pruchase supplies to allow me to continue to bring LUCKY LIZARDS and other hospitals arounf the country.


Thank you for taking the time to find the perfect LUCKY LIZARD for you! If you don't see one you like here or on etsy.com, send "CJ" a message. Requests are always welcome!


Have the best day ever!

Zipper Pulls from Lucky Lizard Studios NEW SNEAKER CHARMS from Lucky Lizard Studios
This Color change LUCKY LIZARD was given to a patient of mine for her husband who was about to have cardiac surgery. I hope it brought him the same good luck it had brought me for years!

LUCKY LIZARD STUDIOS was officially founded in July 2012, but has been gaining momentum since the magic occurred in 1999. All LUCKY LIZARDS are created and designed by Caryn "CJ" Jaffe herself. She does this to ensure that there are never any LUCKY LIZARDS that are exactly alike. Just like people, each LUCKY LIZARD has a personality and look of it's very own.